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West African Forex Expo 2017

The West Africa Forex Expo Conference and Exhibition is to be the leading event for the international Forex industry in 2017. West Africa Forex Expo will bring together traders, brokers and funds managers in the Foreign Exchange market, and aiming to become the global networking hub for all professionals working in the Forex industry.

The West Africa Forex Expo, holding on 6th and 7th June 2017, is a two-day event for traders, investors, affiliates, investment bankers and brokers from all over the world.

Among the thousands of delegates at the West Africa Forex Expo Conference will be the strongest possible assembly of technical and commercial experts. In specialist topic discussions and moderated panels, experts will discuss the challenges facing the global financial industry and the world’s foreign exchange markets.

Media Partners

Keynote speakers

The West Africa Forex Expo will feature at its conference more than twenty of the industry’s most prominent speakers and experts from all over the world.

Alongside this, the commercial and technical conference program provides a vital opportunity to discuss, share experiences and learn about the ways the Forex industry is changing and developing, with insights from Forex and financial industries in attendance.

Who will you meet?

Attendees will be able to share knowledge and learn from industry leaders and technical experts from all over the world. Experts present at the West Africa Forex Expo will include:

  • Investors, both individual and institutional and advisors
  • Retail traders and fund directors
  • Brokers, marketing directors, money managers and affiliates
  • Technology providers
  • Journalists, expert columnists and social media managers
  • Educators, trainers and trainees
  • Managers, directors, CEOs, CFOs, sales managers, executives, vice presidents and presidents …and many more!

Your day at the conference

As part of the day, delegates to the WAFE 2017 can expect:

  • Industry updates on current and trends
  • Find out how investor behaviour is changing – and how it affects your business
  • Access to speakers’ presentations
  • Coffee and Lunch
  • WAFE Awards presentations
  • Build your network within the industry
  • Meet and connect with industry Leaders
  • Establish partnerships and build customer relationships

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